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I have just watched Ben Rockwood's LISA 20014 Presentation titled "I AM SYSADMIN (SO CAN YOU)". It's absolutely fantastic.

I have been having a small identity crisis because of the ongoing ops philosophy changes. It's getting harder and harder to put a title on linkedin or on your resume.

    "Well Let's write System Administrator, but, eehm, people are not looking for System Administrators anymore, they are looking for DevOps Engineers. Also if I write down System Administrator most believe I can only handle printers. Well may be it's better to use SRE here? Is is really dying?"

Actually these are all false fallacies. There is no need for any of these. They all are sysadmins,  and  Ben is fantastically describes the situation in that presentation.

Thank you Ben.

Please go read the slides, watch the presentation and admire what Ben is talking about : https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa14/conference-program/presentation/rockwood

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