Hello for my torments! And what's happened?

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Too long it has been, since I've written on the internet.  Too much has came and gone. I've done many things, passed many. I even don't know why I started writing back. Especially why in English? I believe, I do not have a clear answer to that question.

Maybe I need to practice writing in English? Maybe need more audience?  It does not matter. I will be writing in English and will have too many mistakes but won't care. I'll just write if I can. I do not promise anything. Promises are a burden if they can't be kept. I even has one on my shoulders that I could not manage to fulfil. Once I promised some of my college mates to cook for them. I still feel the urge. So long, and I even lost contact with many of them. Never mind, that's a lost cause. .

Since the last post I tried to write once and could not finish. I'm more inclined to finish this time. I know, if I pause, or postpone that means another half an effort that's lost.

I'm in a hotel bed in a foreign country now. I'm in Bangkok and started the feel the urge to write again. I've been abroad since my last post. Been to North Cyprus, Bahrain, Greek Islands and now Thailand. Some of them for work, some of them for leisure. But always with a leisure sauce.  In Bahrain I worked for Batelco, Ericsson, Parkyeri as an outside consultant. In Thailand I'm consulting at Parkyeri for TrueLife this time. Greek Islands and Cyprus was all leisure. 

In Bahrain I travelled the country with a rental car and stuck in desert to be rescued by U.S. Soldiers. (thank you uncle Sam!) In North Cyprus gambled and won to loose on adultery ;)  In Greek islands I was on a cruise ship and with my ex. And I'm in Thailand now. Not yet have much leisure. But I'm sure to have some in the coming days.

What will I be ramble about? As the name suggests, I'm a Linux System administrator and will be rambling about my experiences or my torments of all about system administration and anything that's complementary for it. Like the torture of my beloved two friends Barış and Barış's cycling tour designed to torture me!. For the tour route look at  http://dunyadangecerken.com/?p=38756

Now I have to sleep some. So see you! Maybe I will write next about my last struggle with  "unreplied syn" and my friends "port that can not be listened".

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